My Credentials

Yes, we would definitely highly recommend Charles Young to represent you as your realtor. Charles brings to the table a very open and honest approach. Once we decided to put our house up for sale he met with us and our daughters to discuss the process … more P. and J. Vanderyagt, Scarborough

Finding a condo and selling a home of 40 years was a very challenging and emotional process for me. Charles was very patient and considerate. He helped me to go through every step of the process. After three months of seeing a dozen condos, Charles found me a unit meeting all … more Laura W., Scarborough

I introduced Charles to be an agent for my parents because that’s how much I trust and enjoy working with him — he has been my agent for my last 3 homes and counting. Charles is a winning negotiator and respected advisor on the latest market trends. Above all … more Jaymin K., Toronto

Charles found us our home in a tough and competitive market. Leslieville is known for stressful bidding wars and high prices…. Charles’ analytical approach provided details that guided our negotiation and facilitated a stress free process.  … more Katrina K., Toronto

Full disclosure: I have known Charles for over 20 years. The rigorous, caring and unquestionably client-focused consultant I knew as a colleague proved to be the ideal agent for us. He listened attentively, put our needs first, and repeatedly … more N. Chambers, Toronto

I knew we could depend on Charles to look after our interests. He didn’t disappoint. Patient, reliable, wise, professional, sensitive to the client’s needs … more Mary Anne C., Whitby

Buying our first condo in today’s challenging real estate market seemed daunting, but thank God for Charles! I can say, without reservation, that he knows the condo market inside out. His experience, confidence, knowledge and patience were exactly … more J. and B. West, Richmond Hill

Charles and I first connected a few years back when I was looking for a condo to rent. At that time we looked at couple different condos and with every visit Charles was very knowledgeable about the building and the community surrounding it. Working with him was very easy and his execution was flawless … more Manish B., North York

We visited the MLS website for a number of weeks to search for a downtown Toronto condo ourselves before engaging Charles to visit a number of condos. Charles was very responsive to our questions and kept us informed throughout the entire offer, purchase, and closing process … more Robert H., Markham

We retained Charles to help us find a downtown condo. I had dealt with Charles previously and knew that he was reliable, ethical and trustworthy . Charles did not disappoint….he patiently helped us to research neighbourhoods and buildings … more R., S., and D. Harris

We connected with Charles when looking for our first condo, in a convenient location close to the subway line. Out of all agents that we’ve dealt with, Charles was by far the most professional and kind … more B. Bershadsky and A. Vasilevskaya, North York

To downsize from a bungalow after 42 years is not easy. Trudy and I talked about it for the umpteenth time and thought, now is the time. The house next door had just sold for a good price. Our first step was to consult a friend in the real estate business … more L. and T. Vanderkooy, Scarborough

We looked at a lot of houses. Charles was patient while we couldn’t make up our mind and when we changed our mind.  Eventually we decided on a condo that Charles recommended. It was above-average spacious with … more J. M. Fung Chung, Markham

I dealt with Mr. Young when I had to sell my late sister’s house in Scarborough and was recommended to Mr. Young. I found him from day one to be a very honourable gentleman and he always conducted the sale of the property … more D. Simons, U.K.

Months before my parents’ house was put on the market or any contract signed, we discussed with Charles how to get max $$$s for it. There were many options to spend extra hours and dollars, and we wanted to be sure of a good return on investment … more S. Mattadeen, Scarborough

Charles made the condominium search experience organized, painless, and even enjoyable. He represented us in a professional, confident manner and succeeded in locking down our dream condo in a competitive market. While negotiating terms, Charles’ meticulous attention to detail … more J. and A. Ricci, Toronto

Having Charles as our buying agent has been both educational and exciting. He demonstrated a very keen sense of the dynamics of the real estate market and of the thinking of sellers and buyers, including us. We observed his deft ability … more Z. Marinic, Toronto

From the moment Charles took on the task of finding a home for us, we knew we were working with a highly motivated, take-charge individual. He always accommodated to our needs in a timely manner, within a professional code of conduct … more A. Young, Toronto (no relationship)

Compared to the real estate agents I’ve dealt with before, Charles was exceptional. All the time that I was undecided,  he was patient and helpful. Not once did he put any pressure on me to make an offer. When we found the home that was right for me and my daughter … more S.H. Kim, North York

When Charles put our home on the market, he worked with us on the smallest details to make the best impression. He backed that up with a beautiful photo brochure for buyers to take away. Then he featured our property … more J. and D. Lyn, Aurora

Selling a house can be risky business. The only way to know we’re getting the best price we can—whatever the market conditions—is to work with a knowledgeable realtor … more J. Knowlton, Oakville

First-time buyers have special needs. First, to feel respected despite a limited budget. Second, to learn enough about real estate and the buying process to feel confident. Third, to work with a realtor who listens, explains, and is easy to talk to … more P. Butler, Toronto

I’ve worked with Charles for several years on community projects big and small. He really pays attention to the details. At the same time, his leadership strength and personal warmth make it easy to work with him and to get things done … more L. Chong, Agincourt

In the short time that I’ve known Charles, I find that he inspires confidence and trust. He gets the big picture and he pays attention to the details. I think homeowners looking for a reliable Realtor who is going to put their interests first should talk to him … more L. Lee, Scarborough